HandRes/X10 Wireless - User Customization Screen

Welcome to HandRes' X10 ActiveHome customization site. Here, you can setup your free HandRes X10 account for your ActiveHome modules, and assign descriptions to the devices operating within your house. You will then be able to access your ActiveHome system using your wireless PDA or Internet-ready phone, securely, wherever you are !
To ensure that only you can manipulate and change your X10 ActiveHome appliances and settings, please supply the following information.

EMail Address
Choose a Login Name
Choose a Password
Re-enter your Password
Operating System
 Because the of the way X10 commands are submitted to your X10 interface module, please supply what type of operating system you are using on the computer which supports your X10 system:

Server Settings
Your home PC running a Windows or POSIX-compatible operating system should be set up as a web server, so that it can send and receive information via HTTP. Please supply the IP address or domain name of your home PC to which the X10 interface is connected:
Set House Code
Your X10 Housecode is the unique letter between A and P you've assigned to your devices.You can determine what your housecode is by looking at the top dial setting of your appliance controller. If you use more than one housecode in your house, you can simply create another free account. You can always change your housecode from your mobile device.
Default Housecode
Customize Appliances
Now, setup the following descriptions, so that you won't have to remember that Device 1 is your garage door, etc. If you are not using a particular device, you can leave it as "Not Used".
Device 1 controls my  Device 9 controls my 
Device 2 controls my  Device 10 controls my 
Device 3 controls my  Device 11 controls my 
Device 4 controls my  Device 12 controls my 
Device 5 controls my  Device 13 controls my 
Device 6 controls my  Device 14 controls my 
Device 7 controls my  Device 15 controls my 
Device 8 controls my  Device 16 controls my